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About us

We are not just selling a thing. It's far more than just wooden blocks. It's our passion, our lifestyle and a big part of our heart...

We are Guntis and Liga, the husband-and-wife team behind Klik Klak Blocks. It is a family business located in Latvia, Europe. Latvia is a small country, a population of 2 million people and it is one of the greenest countries in the world. Forests cover more than one half of Latvia’s territory.
We both have spent our childhood in the countryside, enjoying all the benefits of true freedom that the forest greenery can offer. While living next to the forest one can get inspired by nature and learn a lot about the trees, their qualities and the best use of them.

We have two cute kids, Valters and Paula. Our son Valters was the reason why we created Klik Klak Blocks. When he was smaller we were looking for natural wood blocks in our local stores. We wanted him to have the blocks made of natural wood, non-toxic, safe for playing and without any artificial colors. Just like the ones we used to have in our own childhood. We could not find such blocks…and that was the moment our business idea struck us. Valters loved playing with the blocks made by the hands of his Dad, he played with them for hours.
We wanted to give the same joy and fun to other kids so we started making natural wood blocks for children. We make them of Baltic birch and pine cut in the forest owned by our family, this way we can guarantee the quality of the material.
In the very beginning we were offering only two types of the blocks – ones with a satin smooth surface and another with a ribbed surface which is extremely important for babies as exploring several textures develops language skills. As soon as we became online sellers, we received many custom orders from people all around the world and this is how we developed our products. It was our customers who suggested making personalized wooden blocks, calendars, wooden dice and other products. Some of them were looking for high quality wood crafts supplies and the other ones – free standing wood letters and wooden words.

Now one of our most popular products is free standing wooden words. The first wood word we made was for Eliana, a baby girl in Canada. While we were making this wooden name, her parents were still expecting her to appear in this world.
Every single one of our products is handmade. We pay attention to the details. We make them to last. It’s true, it takes lots of long hours, but it’s worth every second. We were emotionally touched by a message sent us by one of our customers. The lady wrote us that she lives in the USA but has her roots in Latvia. She said: “After I opened the package of your wooden blocks, I took them in my hands. You know, it felt so wonderful because I had a feeling I can touch my Latvia again…”.

You are welcome to get to know us better and to read what our customers say about the wood products we make. 
Liga & Guntis