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Free standing wood letters and wood words.

Free standing wood words have become one of our most popular products lately. Let us share a story how we create natural handmade free standing wooden words.

The first wooden word we have made was for Eliana, a baby girl in Canada. While we were making this wooden name, her parents were still expecting her to appear in this world. After that we have made the wood names and wood words for nursery, for shops name, weddings and personalized gifts.

What’s so special about natural wooden words made by Klik Klak Blocks? 

 1.     Choice of the material

We make wooden words and wood signs of natural Baltic birch or pine harvested in the forest owned by our family. This is the only and the best option to guarantee the highest quality of the material possible because we know there are no chemicals used, the material is non-toxic and safe to use. It’s natural. For 100%. It is extremely important if the wooden name is used for the nursery afterwards. Besides we harvest the wood with a high responsibility to our forest – we choose only the ones that have been broken in the storms or during the winter period. We care for the forest and want it to be sustainable.

2. Why natural wood?
The advantages of natural Baltic birch and ash wood

-         The material looks amazing while being natural - no artificial colors needed.

We often receive questions whether we offer painting or coloring the wooden words. We do not color them. Once you receive the natural wooden name, you will fall in love with it. No colors needed! To preserve the wood from drying too much we offer polishing the wooden word with natural beeswax polish. It keeps the wood alive forever. If the customer plans to paint it afterwards, we leave it unfinished – no wax polish on it.

3. Birch or ash wood?
Both of them – Baltic birch and ash wood have their own advantages.
Birch is perfect:
-         If you are looking for a light material with a plain texture;
-         If you are planning to use the wooden word in the interior.

Ash wood is perfect:
-         If you are looking for a decorative texture;
-         If you love to feel natural wooden smell;
-         If you are planning to use the wooden sign in exterior.

 4.     Individual design

We make an individual design for every single wooden word. You will not find two alike. It sometimes takes hours to mix two, three and sometimes four different fonts to get the best result. We know that our wooden words are made to last so we pay attention to every single detail on the design.

5.     The production process

We cut out the wood word only after receiving the approval on the design from our customers. Then we choose the best material – while cutting out the word, we try to avoid the branches which is typical for natural wood products. After we cut out the wood word, we do the sanding very carefully until the surface is satin smooth, until there are no splinters left and no sharp edges anymore. It takes lots and lots of handwork. but it’s worth every second. 

6. Packaging

We carefully package each wooden word. Sometimes it is quite tricky due to the nonstandard size of each wood word. Then we even make the post box by ourselves to fit the needs for a safe shipping.